Oct 13

Announcement and Apology

A close family member was hospitalized Sunday morning. I intended to put the post together for HedoVibes after work on Sunday, but my plans got shot all to hell. I need another week to put this post together and it will be a double post. Please continue to submit your reviews and/or giveaways and I promise to post them all together next Monday.

I am really sorry but this hospitalization requires all of my attention. Please don’t bother praying for me, I don’t subscribe to any of that.

Thanks for your understanding!

Jul 22

I think I am ready

I am ready to accept submissions. Thanks so much to @domsigns and Molly’sDailyKiss for helping me out. This site will be for adult product reviewers. If you have a review you want to share just head over to the submit page and fill in the blanks. I can’t promise that this will be completely seamless. I can already almost guarantee that it won’t be.

If you are an erotica writer head over to e[lust] and submit your post there.


I might be making some changes to the “rules/guidelines”. I am learning as I go standing on the shoulders of the great round-up sites we used to love. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or complaints. I am pretty easy to work with and would love your feedback. I am hoping to have something ready to publish by 7/28, but I might be later than that. I appreciate your patience as I get this thing going!