Jul 29

UberKinky Black Level PVC Gloves

UberKinky makes great men’s and women’s fetish wear. I choose to review these gloves to compliment my PVC boots. The great news is that they are even better looking then I might have guessed.


The Black Level PVC Gloves from UberKinky come in three sizes. I guessed and got the medium gloves. I wasn’t sure how they worked or how I would even get them on. I needn’t have worried because these were very easy to get on. It turns out they have a discreet stretchy panel. I didn’t even notice it when I was wearing them. The panel starts at about 1″ on the arm (not stretched) and then gets smaller and smaller until it disappears into the thumb on each hand. This places the panel on the inside of your arm, making it even more discreet.
20150729_182439_resizedIt was extremely difficult for me to take a good picture of these. I had to use my Miguel, and he has no camera skills what-so-ever.


I have to say that I love the fit of these. They were tight enough to stay up without cutting off circulation. They come in sizes small through extra large so they are sure to fit almost anyone. I was very impressed with the quality of the material and the overall look of these. These gloves are smooth and defect free. The seam was flawless on the panel I didn’t even feel it while wearing it.

The cost of these is pretty close to what I would expect to pay for something of this quality. I say they are worth the money if you want to wear PVC gloves for any amount of time. I assume you can get these wet, so I plan on hand washing these if I wear them for a longish time or if they get anything on them. I would not recommend trying to wash them in a machine at all. You wouldn’t want them to get hot as that might mark up the texture.

I would give these gloves 5 out of 5 stars for quality and for looks. They are better then I expected. If you are looking for quality fetish gear, check out UberKinky.

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