Here are all my disclaimers and disclosures. Sorry if this post is boring, but as a blogger I need to cover my ass.

Review Policy

Right off the bat, I have to tell you that I get most of my books for free in exchange for an honest review. Honest review means that I can say I what I REALLY think about something. The fact that it is free does not sway me to say flowery things about something. I have strong opinions about what I read, and I promise they will always be my genuine opinion. The FTC law says I have to tell you about that.

Affiliate Information

If you click a link on my site, it may just be an affiliate link. If you decide to buy something after you click one of my affiliate links, I might make a small (tiny really) commission from the sale. It won’t cost you anything extra. These clicks help companies see if my blog is driving traffic. This blog actually costs me money, so by clicking these links you are supporting me and telling me that you like my content. These clicks tell me to keep blogging, so thank you.

I am currently affiliate with SheVibe, Hostgator, Tantus, UberKinky, Lelo, Babeland and Lovehoney.

If you want to read all the rules for disclosure from the FTC, click here.

Giveaway Policy

I have to tell you if you decide to share any of your PII (personally identifying information) with me (your real name, address, and/or email) for say, a contest or something, then I will not share that information with ANYONE. The only reason I would breach this is to give your info to a third party so that they can send you your prize. I always state who is sponsoring the prize so if you DON’T want your information shared with them, please don’t enter the contest. I always notify winners for the giveaways I run via email. If I contact you, saying you have won a prize from a contest, please respond within 48 hours so I know you are still interested. If you are contacted via email and do not respond within 48 hours, I will assume you don’t want the prize and pick someone else. So check your email!

If it is stated on the post that a contest is hosted by another party, then I am not responsible for picking winners, shipping prizes, or notifying you if you have won. Please read each individual giveaway’s terms and conditions so you don’t miss out on claiming your prize.

Also, I will not be providing substitute giveaway prizes for any reason. If you don’t want the item, please don’t enter the contest. I will not be responsible for lost or stolen prizes once I give you the tracking number or if you prize is sponsored by another party. If you fail to receive a prize and the post office says it was delivered, that is between you and the post office.

If these conditions seem a bit extreme, I’m sorry. I have been taken advantage of and made to send out duplicate prizes, or substitute prizes in the past. I won’t be doing that anymore.

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