If you would like to participate in this review round up, there are a few rules. I know we all hate rules, especially us sex bloggers.

  • First-agree to re-post the entire post on your blog site within 7 days from the date it posts. You will find the code on the bottom of each post. (All links should open on a separate page so you won’t loose traffic on your site, let me know if they don’t) You are not required to post the banner and you are free to change the title to whatever suits your site.
  • Your review should be from the past 7-14 days. Submit as many reviews as you want as long as they are no more than 14 days old.
  • The post you submit should be your own, or at least hosted on your own blog.
  • Reviews will be accepted until Sunday at 9:00 pm EST. (I am working early Monday mornings and I need time to put in all the last minute reviews submitted.) The post with all your links will be up Monday first thing. You might want to subscribe to this site so you won’t miss the posting date.
  • You can link your giveaways/contests for adult products here as well. I only ask that you please include the contest end date.

The whole idea is for you to have a place to get your review out there, to gain readers and share the knowledge. You work hard on your reviews, lets share them.