Someone had to do it

I am attempting to make this a new round up site. Patience, please. I have never done anything like this before. It seems that there is a need for a site, much like pleasurists and sex toy society, for those who write reviews to share them all in one place. I sorely miss those sites and I know most review bloggers do. This site will not contain any of my reviews, only those of other bloggers.

I had a little bit of time for a project like this. I am currently working on acquiring the proper coding for the functions of this site. It is a time consuming process, like any website or blog. This is gonna take some time to become the functional site I envision.

I might need help getting this going, or running this site from time to time. Got ideas for how to make it better? I would love your help. I would love to hear your feedback. I can’t wait to get this going for you.

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