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  • If you agree to re-post the round-up with your link within 7 days on your review site, go ahead and submit your review or contest.
  • Your review should have been posted within the last 7-14 days. As long as your review was not in the previous HedoVibes and was posted in the past week (or so) it will be included. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can submit per edition.
  • Please make sure your link is correct and that it points to your review, not a link. I check every link, so please don’t bother with shortened links, (like,, tinyurl, or People like to know where the links are going.
  • Check your spelling please. I am gonna post your name exactly as you write it up here.
  • Submission will be accepted until 9pm Sunday EST weekly, for Monday’s edition. Posts submitted after 9pm will be added to next week’s edition.
  • Please keep you title short-ish. The title should be the name of the product, unless it is actually a giveaway then we all know it is a review. You don’t need to have the title here match your post name exactly. (while I really do love your creative titles, the name of the product is all I will post on the edition, thanks for understanding) I like the name of the maker first.

Ex. Tantus Plunge, instead of Plunge by Tantus.

I may alter the title so it matches the edition’s other links or if you use description words instead of the product names. Don’t get offened, my OCD has taken this site over.

  • If you have a photo that you would like to share for the post heading, please submit it here.

I will have the entire post up with html on the bottom for you to copy to your own site. If you have questions use the contact link on the left. You might want to subscribe so you know when the post with your link(s) is live.


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