Beat on the Brat: Extreme Metal Beater by Fetish Fantasy Cane Review

Manufacturer: Fetish Fantasy
Material: Metal (Electrically Conductive)
Handle length: 5″
Rod length: 15.5″
Sensation: Thuddy

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This is quite the impressive toy. It can be nicely thuddy or horribly sadistic by pairing it with electricity. This is not terribly stingy, so those looking for that sensation won’t enjoy this as much as I did. I do love love love this though. It’s not too heave, but not too light. It’s thuddy, and it can create so many sensations depending on what you do with it.


The construction on this was actually really well done. I was impressed with how solid everything feels. All the pieces are welded together very well. I have already put this through the ringer and it is still solid. I am very happy knowing that this will be in my collection for a long time. The handle is a metal tube with the rods welded inside and a loop welded on the end. The loop can be used for hanging it up.

As for sensations, this is quite a thuddy toy. It’s actually surprisingly thuddy. it’s deep bruise creatingly thuddy. I love this thing. It’s intense, but wonderful. I favor thud, but love marks which my body doesn’t create with thuddy sensations. This creates nice deep bruises. They don’t show right away, but they are there.

You can also heat or cool this to add another layer of sensation. This is pretty cold on its own because it is made of pure metal, so the first few minutes of use always have it being a bit cool anyway. It’s actually really nice cool after a paddling or flogging when the skin is warm.

For those that want to go a little further than the norm with this, try it with electricity play. We have a twilight wand with a body contact, but a violent or neon wand will works as well if you have the body contact that fits it. The handle will conduct electricity all the way down to the rods. This makes the Metal Beater at the edge of my limits. I can take it, but it is really, really mean. This of course makes His Arch Darth Eminence Domly Pants quite pleased.

To clean this you can wash it with soap or toy cleaner and warm water; just make sure that it is dried off very well. You could also sterilize it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. You can try to boil it, but finding a container that would work seems too difficult to attempt.

The packaging was simple. The item was shipped in a discreet brown box which was taped shut with writing saying not to use if tape was tampered with. The cane was nestled inside packing peanuts (none of which I spilled!!!). The cane was in a plastic wrapper with a tag on it that had the manufacturer’s logo and the product description.

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