All eye on you: Polyphemus by Masturgasm Review

  • Manufacturer: TSX Toys
  • Made in the USA
  • Material: PVC
  • Length: 13.75″
  • Insertable length: 12″
  • Girth: 11″
  • Harness compatible: Yes; with big enough ring
  • Suction cup: yes
  • Safe for anal: yes
  • Purchase at:
  • Masturgasm $85.90


With a fantastic range of color options and all the girth and length you can desire, Polyphemus is a beast that one could fall in love with. He is made from PVC which can be porous, so stock up on some large condoms for play with him. Polyphemus is not for the faint of heart, but he is a beautiful monster of toy for those that are looking for size.

Who is Polyphemus?

From Wikipedia:

In Homer‘s Odyssey (Book 9), Odysseus lands on the Island of the Cyclopes during his journey home from the Trojan War. He leaves his 11 other ships behind at an island and takes one ship and crew to see who lives at the other islands. They reach and land on an island with a giant cave filled with sheep and goats, he then left his boat at the shore and brought along his twelve best men to find who lived in the cave. Eventually they find that the large cave is the home of the great Cyclops Polyphemus. When Polyphemus returns home with his flocks and finds Odysseus and his men, he blocks the cave entrance with a great stone, trapping the remaining Greeks inside. Polyphemus then eats two men after killing them by removing their brains as his meal the first night.

Odysseus in the cave of Polyphemus by Jacob Jordaens, first half of 17th century.
The next morning, Polyphemus kills and eats two more of Odysseus’ men for his breakfast and exits the cave to graze his sheep. The desperate Odysseus devises a clever escape plan. He spots a rather large unseasoned olive wood club that Polyphemus left behind the previous night and, with the help of his men, sharpens the narrow end to a fine point. He hardens the stake over a flame and hides it from sight. That night, Polyphemus returns from herding his flock of sheep. He sits down and kills two more of Odysseus‘ men, bringing the death toll to six. At that point, Odysseus offers Polyphemus the strong and undiluted wine given to him by Maron. The wine makes Polyphemus drunk and unwary. When Polyphemus asks for Odysseus’ name, promising him a guest-gift if he answers, Odysseus tells him “Οὖτις“, which means “no one”, “nothing”.[2] Being drunk, Polyphemus thinks of it as a real name and says that he will eat “Nobody” last and that this shall be his guest-gift—a vicious insult both to the tradition of hospitality and to Odysseus. With that, Polyphemus crashes to the floor and passes out. Odysseus, with the help of his men, lifts the flaming stake, charges forward and drives it into Polyphemus’ eye, blinding him. Polyphemus yells for help from his fellow cyclopes that “Nobody” has hurt him. The other cyclopes think Polyphemus is making a fool out of them or that it must be a matter with the gods, and they grumble and go away. In the morning, Odysseus and his men tie themselves to the undersides of Polyphemus’ sheep. When the blind Cyclops lets the sheep out to graze, he feels their backs to ensure the men are not riding out, but because of Odysseus’ plan, he does not feel the men underneath. Odysseus leaves last, riding beneath the belly of the biggest ram. Polyphemus does not realize that the men are no longer in his cave until the sheep and the men are safely out.

As he sails away with his men, Odysseus boasts to Polyphemus that “I am not no one; I am Odysseus, Son of Laertes, King of Ithaca.” This act of hubris causes problems for Odysseus later. Polyphemus prays to his father,Poseidon for revenge.


This is another gorgeously sculpted toy from Masturgasm. The Polyphemus is a nod to mythology which just tickles my English Major fancy. They head of the toy has a distinct eye shape that combined with the size of this is the nod to the myth. Down the shaft there are very pronounced ridges that gradually get bigger. Mine is in their pearlized bubblegum pink, but they make all their toys to order, so you can order him in any color you want.

The Polyphemus is a whopping 13.75″ long with 12″ of that being insertable; assuming one can accommodate. His biggest circumference is 11″, but his head is only 6.5″ wide, so there is a gradualness to his girth that makes it much easier. I am not very deep, so I was only able to make it to the third bulge down, and even then, I only got it half way.

While the PVC that they used for this is pretty soft, the depth of the texture was quite intense. I could feel the ridges a lot during use. The closest sensation that i can relate it to is being fisted. Each ridge was massaging my vaginal walls. It was almost too intense, so that is on reason why it is a kink toy.

The PVC has a shine to it that creates a lot off drag. That mixed with the girth means that this is a toy you will want to use liberal amounts of lube with. The drag goes away with a nice coat of lube. I would recommend a good water based condom safe lube.

Polyphemus is labeled as an anal toy, but he is much to big for my back door. Plus, I avoid porous materials even with a condom for anal play. i am a bit of a clean freak. PVC toys should always be used with a condom to prevent bacterial infections.

It does have that rubbery smell that comes with PVC toys, but it isn’t as bad as a lot of ones that I have interacted with. The manufacturer states that this is a phthalate free material, but does recommend that this should not be used by people with latex or PVC allergies.

Polyphemus can not be sterilized, but you can use anti-bacterial soap or a toy cleaner and warm water to clean him up. Because the ridges are so deep, you want to pay special attention to cleaning them. They collect fluids very well. When you store him, wrap him in plastic, or use a zip lock bag. Toy materials can interact poorly if they are stored touching each other.

My toys from Masturgasm arrived in a discreet brown box. Nothing on it indicated what was inside. There were a lot of air packets to cushion the toys, and each one was wrapped in a plastic bag with a lube sample. The bag was, unfortunately, not reusable.

Kink Uses:

The Polyphemus is used almost solely for kink. He size and presence is quite the mind fuck during play. Sometimes it is all about the psychology…
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