Artist Spotlight: Kayleigh Shawn

I know this amazing woman. We aren’t friends. We are friendly. We share cat pictures and giggle over sarcastic comments. I am too shy to try to become friends with her. She’s one of those amazing people. You know, the pretty, talented, perfect people.(Seriously! Look at the picture to your left. Those curves! They scream for a well placed bite!) But she’s also humble and sweet and passionate.

She helps run my favorite dungeon in town. That’s how I met her. Dom Pants and I love the space, and we love that everyone who runs it is always open to suggestions for how to make it even more awesome.

She’s damn fine at scheduling parties and all that, but her real amazingness is in her photography. I will be honest, I am a bit of an art snob. Happens when your whole family is artists. I don’t often get moved by photography. It’s too posed and artificial.

Not Kayleigh’s. Some of her images still move me, and I have seen them hundreds of times. I choke up or get bubbly and happy. Or both.

Loving Kink


She does everything, but I always favor her fetish and kink shoots. Probably because they speak to me on a more personal level then some of the others.

Sometimes kink isn’t pretty. On the other hand, sometimes it is. I love this particular shot she did. On a technical level it is perfect. There is fascinating negative space. It’s framed well.

All of that is boring.

What is facinating is the relationship between the model and the rope. The dynamicness of it all.

There is a lot of rope photography out there. Being on Fetlife, I am rather inundated by it. It’s all very pretty. Pretty rope. Pretty models.

This is simple.

This has joy. That’s what’s missing. The joy of a rope bottom. I’ve bottomed for rope. A lot. Once the tie is done, there is a giddiness. You got through it together.

She caught that.

The Dynamic


This picture. Oh this. This this this.


There are no words. Kayleigh captured everything. It’s so unbelievably perfect.

The connection. Our bottom here isn’t offended or scared. The top is powerful and in control.

And oh the humiliation. Kayleigh, why do you do these things to me? This is raw and beautiful and sexy and….

The give and take between them is the most fantastically powerful thing to experience. But so often it is gone and never recorded.

They care. There is something there between them and she is giving us the chance to see it.

There isn’t the distraction of over sexualized nudity.

Just their dynamic. Raw and unashamed.


I know these two beautiful people. I’ve watched them play. I’ve watched tender moments and heard her scream.

One of my favorite scenes with Dom Pants was playing next to them. Their energy was palpable. It was intense and loving and yet so much more.

That’s the beauty of being in the kink community. We show it all. The anger and fear are there, but the tenderness and love exist in the same moments.

These two people are undeniably sexy, but what is so much sexier is the passion.

Kayleigh once again didn’t just take a picture of their beauty. She took a picture of their passion.

Male Submission

The male submission is over looked. It’s ignored. I guess our larger society sexualizes the female form to the point that the male one is often ignored, and that impacts out little sub-culture.

Female submission is expected and caught in all its sexiness on film. All the time.

As a bisexual switch, I was floored by this amazing picture she posted. That’s one of her partners. (Yea, poly is really popular in our community.)

We have male submission just as sexy and well done as all our pictures of women. It’s powerful and sensual. It’s erotic without being porny or effeminate.

The Woman

Kayleigh is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. She’s also a fantastic human. I am such a fucking fan girl. I love being around her, and I love her work.

But I will let her speak for herself in the caption of this picture of her.

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