Aparaphilia: I found my newest fetish!

Aparaphilia┬áis my new favorite place in the whole world. Dom Pants and I were frustrated with the selection or high prices we had found at all the other stores we had went to. We wanted to find a place that sold pony play gear because it is something we are discussing.I found Aparaphilia on the Maps feature of my smart phone by searching for “fetish store”. That was the happiest accident I have ever had. Normally my phone gets me horribly lost, but this time we found leather-vana.

Neither one of us is super Leather with a capital “L”, but we do prefer leather for our impact gear and restraints. We aren’t rope people and metal gets pricey, so leather is our preference. We didn’t find pony play gear, but we did find so, so much more.

Dom Pants hates buying things for himself, and he considers impact gear for him as well as certain kinds of restraints. He hates it with a passion. I have to poke and prod him to buy things for himself. It’s worse if it is anything he can make. Then he feels like it is wasting money on top of hating having money spent on him.

That didn’t happen here. Oh no, in the first 15 minutes he had already picked things out he desperately needed to live. Like a new Florentine flogger and hardwood paddle. He drooled over their stainless steel breast press with matching nipple presses.

Meanwhile, I was loving the glass and silicone insertables and beautiful corsets. Beautiful corsets in all sizes. Up to 6x in fact. Bruce, the one man show of Aparaphilia, kindly offered me a fitting, but I declined due to disinterest in purchasing one at the time.

We ended up spending a few hours there chatting with Bruce who is knowledgeable in all kinds of kink, super funny, and helpful without feeling pressured to purchase anything.

The Good:

Bruce keeps his prices very low. Like blew our minds low. He doesn’t believe in a large retail mark-up on his items that make them much more expensive than what the manufacturer sells them for. He also believes in quality. And those two things is what makes this store heaven. It’s got great products for amazing prices.

Bruce is also supremely knowledgeable. He fit me into my first posture collar just by looking at me and accurately guessed my corset size. He also picked up quickly on our preferences, and made insigtful suggestions on gear that fit our interests.

Plus, it smelled delightfully of leather.

The Bad:

It was a tad hard for us to find initially, but that could be marked up to us not being locals. We aren’t used to how small the city blocks are. The turn sneaks up on you and the map made it look like it was right on the corner, but it wasn’t. It was down the street from the corner a bit.

The Ugly:

I personally wasn’t a fan or the yellow that was going on with the decor…

Seriously, that’s it.

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