A Little Something: Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit by Bondara

Material: silicone and plastic
Color: Pink and Silver
Length:  8.75″

Insertable Length: 4″
Circumference: 4.5″

Clitoral Arm: 2″
Vibration type: buzzy
Vibration Strength: 3/5

Waterproof: splash proof
Power:  Rechargeable 

Purchase at:
Bondara $40.38


There are things about this that I love. It’s rechargeable, and the silicone is delightfully velvety… But in the end, the vibrations and shape just don’t deliver for me. It didn’t fit my body without a struggle and motors are… disappointing. While it’s cheap, I don’t really think it is worth it. You get what you pay for in this case.


I hate rabbits until the Soraya waltzed into my life. I’ve been changed by it. Ever since, I’ve been more than happy to try out rabbits. Sadly, I had a good reason to hate most rabbits. Often, the shapes that they come in aren’t flexible or accommodating to the various shapes of vaginas and vulvas. The Bondara Rechargeable Rabbit is another one of those rabbits that just break my heart.

The silicone is that lovely, delightful, seductive velvety texture that I just molest. I can’t help it. Texture is very important to me. I’m one of those people that shops with my hands. I have to touch everything. I am very texture oriented about my food. I refuse to eat all sorts of food because the texture sets me off. So, the Bondara Rechargeable Rabbit seduced me at first glance with its amazing silicone.

Sadly, it didn’t have the motor to live up to its seductions. I mean, these motors are bad. The majority of the vibration from the motor in the internal arm ends up in the handle rather than the shaft. At the lowest setting it’s rumbly, but after that, it’s a buzzy mess, and the low setting is really, really low. Only those super sensitive to vibration will find it reasonably pleasurable.

The shape… Oh, the shape of this is probably the meanest thing designed for vaginal insertion after metal speculums. Supposedly, it’ll stimulate the g-spot, but for me, it didn’t even get close. There is not enough of a curve. Instead, it just laid on my vaginal floor. If I tried to tilt it up, the clitoral arm pressed into my pubic bone and pulled on my clitoral hood jewelry. If I got the clitoral arm into a remotely comfortable position, the internal arm felt like… nothing. If the clirotal arm was angled out more or more flexible, I could have gotten this to work. But it’s not. And, it is extremely irritating.

This is one of those rabbits that you have to be the exact right shape to find it pleasurable. For the rest of us it will be aggravating at best and fucking painful at. Even if you are the right shape, the motors leave a lot to be desired. It’s cheap for a rechargeable rabbit made of silicone, but you get what you pay for in this case. Save up, buy something nicer.

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