A little Piece of Shame

I’m a size queen.

I’m not concerned with the size of my partners. Inches don’t equal passion. Inches aren’t hands, teeth, tongues, lips, or hips. Inches aren’t the conversations, emotions, connections, or trust.

Some people, friends, and partners haven’t realized that. There’s sly jokes and sarcasm about my greedy vagina. There’s subtle looks or comments that have a judgmental undertone about a small canal in my body for what it determines feels good. Sometimes. What feels good sometimes.

So, I’m a size queen.

I prefer bigger toys. I own a horse dick (ok, a pony dick). When toy shopping, I check for the for the big toys first. I’ve even begun taking multiple toys and a living specimen, so to speak, ¬†all at once. Because, it feels good and Dom Pants likes it. I even beg to be fisted.

I’m a size queen.

I like average sized toys. I pick out smaller dildos. All of my favorite vibrators are average or small. I get off from clitoral stimulation sometimes. I get off from all kinds of things. I can even get off by Dom Pants just telling me to.

For some reason, some my sex positive friends even judge me. Because I like to put large things into my body every so often.

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