A Little Help: Rhino Sleeves by Traz

  • Stampede:
  • Manufaturer: Traz
  • Length: 8″
  • Internal Diameter: 1.25″
  • External Diameter: 2″
  • Circumference: 6.25″
  • Thickness: 0.25″
  • Purchase at:
  • Rhino by Traz $79.95


It’s a bit rare for us to try out a completely new kind of product. In fact…. I can’t exactly remember the time that we had tried something completely new. I’ve never considered a sleeve before, but had quite the fun time testing it out. On the other hand, Dom Pants and Jerk Face were underwhelmed at the sensation of it as a sleeve or masturbator. Dom Pants said the noises I make are what makes using it worth it. This was a LOT of fun for me.
Rhino Sleeves by Traz
Rhino Sleeves by Traz


I’d never really considered trying out sleeves before. This was for several reasons. Firstly, almost all of them are made out of porous or toxic materials. Since I am super sensitive and allergic to things, that seemed like a terrible idea. And, I didn’t have the $100+ to buy the Vixen Creations sleeve. On top of that, I never knew how to bring up the topic with a lover. It inherently has the subtext that there is a complaint about sizing. Since the ex-husband was a little…. insecure about it, that seemed like a bad person to bring it up with. I never considered it with Dom Pants because we have a hard enough time finding cock rings that don’t try to crush his dick into oblivion… So, I had just nixed the idea of sleeves.

At least until Traz contacted me.

I opened up my email one morning (afternoon for the rest of the world that doesn’t work nights) to find an email from Traz.

Rhino Sleeves by Traz
Rhino Sleeves by Traz

I was intrigued. They promised that the Rhino could do a lot. It was made for everyone. Now, I’ve heard this a lot from sex toy companies, so I will always be skeptical. But, I was interested. They promised that any combination of genitals could use it. It could be a masturbation sleeve, extension sleeve, or vibrator add on. And, I’ve found that it works well for some of those things, but really failed in others.

Traz sent me two models: the Genesis and the Stampede. Since they promised that the interior was amazing as a masturbator, I sent the Genesis to my long distance boyfriend, Jerk Face. Love is orgasms. The Stampede was kept for Dom Pants and I. Getting Dom Pants to try a masturbator is basically impossible. He feels that he was equipped from birth with the perfect masturbation tool and should never require another. Jerk Face, on the other hand, appreciates what toys can do for him. (I win at internet girlfriend because I send wanking accessories.)

Jerk Face dutifully tested it as a masturbator and feels that it compares to a free with purchase masturbator from a sex toy store adventure. Something valued at $10. Basically, the Genesis didn’t do a lot for him. Not after I picked him up a Tenga Fliphole Black. (Did I mention that he is getting a little spoiled?) Both reported that the internal textures of the sleeve didn’t feel like much at all and definitely not explicitly pleasurable. Overall, as a masturbator, it wasn’t well received.

Rhino Sleeves by Traz
Rhino Sleeves by Traz

So, before jumping into the rest of the uses, there are a couple of pieces that come with the sleeve. You have the sleeve itself, the inner core, and the plug. You’ll see later why we ditched the core, but all of these do serve a function and I recommend following the rules about how to use it before going off on your own like we did. The plug helps create suction to keep the sleeve in place, from what I understand, so those are super important to keep…. And the smallest, hardest thing to find…. So be careful.. We’ve had a few close calls already.

As a penis extender/vibrator accessory, I really was surprised by how much I liked it. It’s pretty squishy for the girth which is really good. It means that it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Since I adore girth so much, it was really fantastic for me. After we did one thing. The inner core is meant to create a firmness to support adding length. Since I don’t need length and just girth, trying it while it was long made it less fun. Once we cut the sleeve down and ditched the core entirely, I was pretty much in heaven.

I like Dom Pant’s dick just fine, but lately we’ve been playing with girth and multiple toys, and the Stampede is a really cool for that. At least for me. While it doesn’t do anything for him on a physical level, the noises I make, while he is wearing it, make it completely worth it for him.

Yea, even during sex, it doesn’t actually do anything for him. He actually found that the inner core was uncomfortable to the point of slightly painful during sex because the head of his dick would ram into it as he thrust. Removing the core made that a lot more comfortable, but still didn’t add any pleasure for him.

Both of them have aesthetic complaints about the Genesis and Stampede, but I was ambivalent. Jerk Face wished it was all around more realistic if he was going to use it as an extender. Veins for texture and everything. Dom Pants was fine with it being smooth, but wanted a more realistic head. The bump on it is nice for g-spot stimulation which is what mattered to me, but for them, it was a little weird to look down at a, basically, smooth tube where a penis shape should be.

Now, as a toy accessory, I felt the same way about it that I did as a penis accessory. The girth was a nice addition even if the sleeve dampened vibration a little. That being said, I don’t have a lot of toys that vibrate that this fits on. And I have enough girthy dildos that I don’t need to extend those either, so I wish you the best of luck finding the right vibrator to fit this. The 1.25″ opening will need a vibrator of at least that size if not just a tad bigger to be snug on.

(They allude to using the sleeve as a dildo, as well…. But, I don’t recommend this. Hallow dildos aren’t as useful as they could seem… The vaginal or anal muscles can compress them, and the lack of a core makes them pretty much impossible to thrust.)

The material seemed a little suspicious to me due to the color and the finish, so I flame tested it, and it seems like silicone. So, while it has the creepy almost flesh tone that rubber and PVC toys have, it’s body safe silicone as far as I can tell. Which means feel free to boil it to sanitize it.

The shiny texture made me suspicious, but it also made me a little sad. Shiny always means more drag. And that means more of the bad kind of friction on the delicate bits. So, save yourself and your bits, and make sure and use a liberal amount of lubricant. Also, make sure that your lubricant is compatible with silicone materials. I’m on a big creamy hybrid lube kick right now, personally,

Overall, I’m really digging the Stampede as an extender, but it pretty much failed at everything else it was supposed to do. That being said, it is still cheaper than other silicone sleeve options on the market. Since other sleeves are made of porous materials that like to rip, I think that it’s still worth the investment. As an extender. Not the rest of their promises.

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