Basic Beau Redux: Beau from Blush Novelties

Manufacturer: Blush Novelties
Color: Blue
Length: 9″

Insertable Length: 7.5″
Circumference: 5″
Vibration type: barely buzzy
Vibration Strength: 3.5/5
Power: AA batteries (2)


Blush Novelties went back to the drawing board and tweaked their motors to make a new and improved Beau. All of the things I like about it are still there, but there is a noticeable improvement as far as power, although it makes it a tad buzzy. Is it my new favorite vibe? No. But it is one that I really don’t mind recommending for a budget vibrator.


reviewed the original Beau in October of 2013. A few months ago, Blush contacted me to see if I wanted to check out the improvements that they made to their motor. Since I’d already been recommending Beau to people on a budget, I was really interested in seeing how it had been improved.

I won’t dig on all the things that remained the same (you can read about them in my original review), as most of this toy did. There was no change on how the Beau looked or what is was made of. The silicone is still velvety soft, and the curve and semi-realistic head are there for g-spotting. I still like all that about the Beau. It’s why I think that it is a solid option for those on a seriously limited budget.

But, that’s not what Blush promised was upgraded with the Beau.

So, the thiswas supposed to have a drastically increased motor with a strong power difference… Well, there was a difference. I just don’t know if it was a giant improvement or not. I still wouldn’t call it powerful, but I need a lot of power to register for me. It’s one of the reasons I prefer the really strong luxury toys. But, yes the power is increased, but it’s also buzzier.

For some, this will be a big upgrade. For others, it will be annoying or even buzzy. Everyone is a little different in what they like. I was in the latter group for the most part, but I’m really sensitive to vibrations being buzzy and numbing. I preferred it with the dial turned down slightly, so it wasn’t on the highest power. That made the vibrations noticeably less buzzy.

I was more excited about the revamp on it before I tried it, but, in the end, I’m not going to stop recommending it as my go to budget g-spotting vibe. The power increase is really a toss up if it is actually an upgrade. For some, it’s going to knock socks off, but I just wasn’t super impressed. Still, the price is still low, so that makes me happy.

If you are on a tight budget, pick up a Beau. It’s a good option. If you can afford better, get better.

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