Can we take a minute to talk about Sex Workers and Kangaroos?

My nature documentary addiction has taught me some very important lessons. One, sharks who give live birth have some sort of apex predator shit on eleven thing going on. Two, should I step foot in Australia, I will die. Immediately.  No site seeing. No indulging in the local cuisine. No Brisbane escorts. Everything in Australia will attempt to kill me as soon as I arrive.
I’m still tempted to go. Kangaroos may want to eviscerate me, but they are damn cute, so it may just be worth it.

Beyond kangaroos, Australia has several good ideas that I can get behind. (Saltwater crocodiles are not one of them.) One of the big ones is their view on prostitution.

Unlike the US, where I am, prostitution is legal in Australia which means that those that choose that profession aren’t constantly trying to avoid ending up on the wrong side of law enforcement. They also have more resources to get out of dangerous relationships with pimps and clients.  They have autonomy and control over how they earn a living in more ways than a lot of people in the US have who engage in sex work.

What’s even more rad is that sites like can exist where sex workers can openly advertise what they are comfortable doing and their rates. Nothing is squicky and coached in code. There’s an open and honest conversation about sexuality there.

I, personally, have thought about it and don’t think I’d be into using an escort service, though I could be wrong. But, I think it is important. The cultural ideal is that unscrupulous men use sex workers to cheat on their partners, but there are a lot of others that are left out of that narrative that can benefit from sex workers. Disabled folks have sexual needs, and some may find sex workers to be an easier and more comfortable way of dealing with those needs than attempting to date. Couples or people wanting to experiment may find sex workers are better options than trying to find a random no strings attached internet fling. But mainly, it’s not for me to judge why people may employ sex workers. I’ve come to believe that people should be allowed to make those choices and enjoy sex work in a safe environment.

So, should you be heading to Australia, check out Perth escorts if that’s your thing. And then maybe consider voting for people who think that sex workers shouldn’t be jailed.

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