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30 Seconds: Soraya by Lelo

Manufacturer: Lelo Material: silicone and plastic Color: Purple Length:  8.75″ Insertable Length: 5.25″ Circumference: 4.25″ Clitoral Arm: 2 3/8″ Vibration type: Rumbly Vibration Strength: 5/5 Waterproof: yes Power:  Rechargeable Purchase at: Lelo $199 TL;DR Everything is […]


I had a good day today. I wasn’t expecting good days for awhile. Good days were going to be a thing to look forward to. Good days were a goal to strive for. My good […]

Back to Normal and it Is terrifying

It’s been three weeks since Dom Pants cheated. We’ve been through a money hiccup, work stress, a dangerously high fever on his part and head colds for me and Hubby. The normal life things have been […]

Aparaphilia: I found my newest fetish!

Aparaphilia is my new favorite place in the whole world. Dom Pants and I were frustrated with the selection or high prices we had found at all the other stores we had went to. We wanted […]

Back to Basics: Slender G Waterproof Vibrator by Doc Johnson

Manufacturer: Doc Johnson Color: Teal Length: 9.5″/8″ Circumference: 4.75″ Vibration type: Slightly on the buzzy side Vibration Strength: 4/5 Power: AA batteries (2) Purchase at:  Good Vibrations $20 Tl;DR I’m torn on this one. I appreciate […]

Basic Beau: Beau by Blush Novelties Vibrator Review

Manufacturer: Blush Novelties Color: Blue Length: 9″/7.5″ Circumference: 5: Vibration type: Rumbly Vibration Strength: 3/5 Power: AA batteries (2) Purchase at: $22.68 TL:DR Beau is a very nice basic vibrator. Blush Novelties took the classic […]

Artist Spotlight: Kayleigh Shawn

I know this amazing woman. We aren’t friends. We are friendly. We share cat pictures and giggle over sarcastic comments. I am too shy to try to become friends with her. She’s one of those […]

Back to Basics: Walnut Paddle by Sporkwood Review

Manufacturer: Sporkwood Material: Walnut wood Paddle Length: 7″ Handle Length: 5″ Total Length: 12″ Width: 3″ Thickness: 1″ Purchase at: Sporkwood $19.99 15% off with code KRISSY during checkout TL;DR This paddle by Sporkwood is gorgeous, affordable, […]

All eye on you: Polyphemus by Masturgasm Review

Manufacturer: TSX Toys Made in the USA Material: PVC Length: 13.75″ Insertable length: 12″ Girth: 11″ Harness compatible: Yes; with big enough ring Suction cup: yes Safe for anal: yes Purchase at: Masturgasm $85.90 TL;DR With […]