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A Queer World

So, here’s my dream: I want a world where there is no assumption. A world that doesn’t have a default state for attraction. I want a world that doesn’t ask each person if they like […]

A little Piece of Shame

I’m a size queen. I’m not concerned with the size of my partners. Inches don’t equal passion. Inches aren’t hands, teeth, tongues, lips, or hips. Inches aren’t the conversations, emotions, connections, or trust. Some people, […]

AN ode to Blow Jobs

I love having a dick in my mouth. I fantasize about it. I often masturbate with a dildo in my mouth. Some of my favorite erotic scenarios on my bucket list involve blow jobs. The […]

BDSM and Chronic Pain

So, should I start with BDSM or my chronic pain? They are both so intertwined into my being that I don’t know how to unknot them from each other. “I assess the power of a […]


I love hard.  I tell this to all my new partners. I tell them this knowing that they won’t understand. Not yet at least. But they will. It’s one of the things that makes me […]


I had a good day today. I wasn’t expecting good days for awhile. Good days were going to be a thing to look forward to. Good days were a goal to strive for. My good […]

Back to Normal and it Is terrifying

It’s been three weeks since Dom Pants cheated. We’ve been through a money hiccup, work stress, a dangerously high fever on his part and head colds for me and Hubby. The normal life things have been […]

Aparaphilia: I found my newest fetish!

Aparaphilia is my new favorite place in the whole world. Dom Pants and I were frustrated with the selection or high prices we had found at all the other stores we had went to. We wanted […]

Artist Spotlight: Kayleigh Shawn

I know this amazing woman. We aren’t friends. We are friendly. We share cat pictures and giggle over sarcastic comments. I am too shy to try to become friends with her. She’s one of those […]